Frequently Asked Questions

What would I as an heir need to do?

If you enter into an agreement with Nordic Search Partner we will act as your professional partner who will represent your interests and conduct all the work on your behalf. In other words there is no need for you to do anything.

How much will I inherit?

The size of your inheritance is determined primarily by the following factors: Firstly, the Inheritance Act of the country/state where the estate is administered will apply. Thereafter, the amount is determined by the number of heirs the assets are going to be distributed amongst and by your order of entitlement. After deduction of debts, estate taxes, Court fees and any other administration costs the final amount due to each heir can be calculated.

Am I as an heir liable for the decedent’s debts?

No. Before the assets are distributed amongst the heirs the estate debts are paid. In the event that the estate debt exceeds the assets the estate is closed as insolvent. You would not receive any distribution from the estate and of course not be asked to pay the debts.

In such cases Nordic Search Partner would not get our fee and Nordic Search Partner would have to cover our own costs incurred in connection with the estate matter. Nordic Search Partner would also cover the costs of the attorney whom we engaged to represent your interests. All financial risks are thereby placed on Nordic Search Partner and our collaborators.

When can I expect a distribution?

There are many phases we have to go through in order to get your and the other heirs’ claim approved by the Court. It is not unusual for the estate administration to take from 6 to 18 months and in some cases longer from the time we contact you. As professional probate researchers we know the case proceedings well and we know what kind of documentation is needed. We will therefore contribute to having the estate administration conducted as efficient as possible. It is in the interest of both parties to have the case finalized as quickly as possible as Nordic Search Partner do not get our fee either until you receive your share of the inheritance.

How is the inheritance paid out?

Once you have been approved as an heir to the estate and the estate administration is completed Nordic Search Partner or our collaborators/attorney will arrange for the payment of the funds. This is done either by sending you a check which you can deposit in your bank or by a wire transfer directly to your bank account.

Can I get a copy of the family tree which you have prepared?

Yes. As soon as the estate administration is finalized and the estate is distributed we are happy to send out a copy of the family tree to those of our clients who request it.

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