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Do you know your roots?

The Nordics experienced its largest overseas emigration wave during the 1800’s. When a descendant of these emigrants passes away without leaving known heirs or a Will this is usually reported publicly but only in small local newspapers, announcement magazines, etc.

Beyond these announcements the authorities do not conduct any further research in order to locate the lawful heirs and the estate assets would normally go to the authorities.

This has created a need for a small niche of companies specializing in solving these puzzles and tracing heirs who otherwise would not have been aware of their inheritance entitlement in another country. Nordic Search Partner is one of these companies having specialized in locating heirs from the Nordic countries.

We identify and trace missing and unknown heirs, obtain necessary documentation to secure their lawful inheritance and we assist in obtaining proof that there are no other heirs to the estate. We also undertake the costs incurred for this research and for the legal work needed to prove the inheritance entitlement in the country of origin.

To us, probate research involves more than just locating heirs! We have had the pleasure of reuniting families, share family photos with heirs and take part of many exiting life stories.

We are located in Langhus, Norway and we primarily solve Nordic cases but on request we would also undertake cases leading to other countries.

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